2018 Summer Software Release

Phoenix Technology Group announces the Summer 2018 release of its ICON Imaging Software for the Phoenix ICON platform

New software release will be available in June as a free upgrade, and includes a new user interface, enhanced DICOM connectivity, and much more

Pleasanton, CA, June, 25, 2018 – Phoenix Technology Group, Inc. (PTG), offering advanced imaging platforms that serve researchers and clinicians from bench to bedside to help prevent blindness, today announced the Summer 2018 release of its imaging software for the Phoenix ICON wide-field retinal imaging platform.  The Summer 2018 release brings a completely redesigned user interface, improved integration with hospital image storage systems (PACS and EMR), an enhanced imaging workflow, and improvements based on feedback from Phoenix’s global customer base.

The Summer 2018 release will be rolled out to Phoenix ICON customers as a free upgrade starting in June, and includes the following major features:

  • Completely redesigned user interface, with new onscreen gesture controls like pinch-to-zoom that are ideal for the ICON high definition touchscreen.
  • A new Flashback mode that is always buffering video. When the operator hits “capture”, the ICON saves the last few seconds of video to help the operator capture the perfect image every time.
  • New patient information management and search tools making it easier to manage patient and study data.
  • DICOM connectivity with support to automatically store images to a DICOM-compliant photo archive and communications system (PACS).
  • A host of imaging shortcuts, including illumination presets, new onscreen camera controls, and programmable keyboard shortcuts to let operators focus on the patient.
  • Built-in patient reporting
  • Performance enhancements that are part of Phoenix’s commitment to continuous improvement

“We are proud to have a highly respected Clinical Advisory Board and an outstanding global customer base that have been using the Phoenix ICON camera since its launch in early 2017,” said Scott Carr, Phoenix President and CEO.  “By working closely with our advisors and customers we have the opportunity to listen, learn, and innovate.  The Summer 2018 release brings together photographer, nurse, and physician feedback, along with our own innovation, to deliver upgraded functionality to all of our customers as we help them easily capture the high-contrast, high-resolution retinal images that they need.”

The ICON platform comes standard with a two-year warranty, which includes software upgrades at no cost, extending the asset life and reducing the total cost of ownership of this valuable clinical tool.

The patented Phoenix ICON wide-field retinal imaging platform is a cart-based system with a handheld camera.  It combines a completely reinvented optical design with modern sensor technology and proprietary software to deliver extraordinary retinal images, especially of darkly pigmented retinas.  The ICON camera supports both fundus imaging and fluorescein angiography and is available for sale direct from Phoenix in the US, and through Phoenix’s global distribution network reaching 60 countries around the world.


About Phoenix Technology Group: Phoenix Technology Group (www.phoenixtech.com) contributes to the fight to prevent blindness by providing physicians, clinicians, and researchers around the world with advanced technology to image and understand the eye. Founded by Bert Massie, Ph.D., inventor of the first digital camera for pediatric retinal imaging, our journey began with the creation of the Phoenix MICRON platform for in-vivo imaging of animals in eye research. Today, the MICRON platform is the standard for researchers around the world, combining bright field imaging, image-guided OCT, CNV, and focal and Ganzfeld ERG. Our breakthrough innovations with the Phoenix MICRON platform led to us to reinvent wide-field retinal imaging for human clinical applications, resulting in the recently launched Phoenix ICON product line. The Phoenix ICON platform is a revolutionary retinal imaging platform delivering high-contrast, high-resolution images, with quality you can see. You’ll find these breakthroughs inside the ICON platform: completely reinvented illumination, optics, and sensor technology, deployed on a modular platform that was designed from the ground-up for ease of use, reliability, and incredible image quality.


Contact: Jen King, Phoenix Technology Group, ph.1.925.485.1100, x244