Phoenix MICRON™ Image-Guided OCT

Stunning optical coherence tomography (OCT) optimized for mice and rats, with longitudinal resolution below 2 microns

Image-guided OCT, with precise scan location presented on real-time fundus view

  • Quickly attaches to MICRON IV imaging system, and requires no additional bench space
  • Eliminates motion artifacts by imaging in contact with rodent cornea
  • Powerful 2D and 3D segmentation and visualization tools designed specifically for the mouse and rat retina
OCT scans and live fundus positioning shots
OCT 3D images

The Phoenix MICRON Image-Guided OCT2 system has been designed specifically for the demands of in vivo research using mice and rats, delivering stunning OCT images of mice and rats.

The OCT2 system includes a live, real-time fundus display with superimposed scan line to allow precise positioning of OCT imaging.  The system supports 2D capture, and production of 3D volumes, and includes a set of powerful segmentation and visualization tools.

Phoenix MICRON Image-Guided OCT2 Features:

  • Real-time, live fundus display alongside real-time OCT image presentation
  • 1.8 micron longitudinal resolution
  • 1.4 mm imaging depth, providing deep penetration into the sclera
  • Line, circle, and 3D volume scan patterns
  • Separate objective lenses optimized for mice and rats
  • 2D and 3D segmentation tools, including interactive 3D visualization
OCT attachement on a MICRON