Phoenix MICRON™ Anterior Segment Imaging

Technology for in vivo anterior segment imaging with image guided OCT.

Anterior segment multi-modality imaging for the small eye

  • Attaches to Phoenix MICRON microscope
  • Complete easy-to-use animal stand
  • Slit-lamp with white light and Cobalt blue
  • Image resolution of 4 microns
  • Image guided OCT resolution of 2 microns

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Brilliant image quality, great ease-of-use

“Before using the Micron, our success rate at producing laser-induced choroidal neovascular lesions was ~40-50%; however,  thanks to a successful implementation with the Micron, we now achieve a regularsuccess rate of 99%.”

–  Rafal Farjo, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer


Slit-lamp corneal and iris imaging with flouroscein

Image guided OCT imaging

Imaging of the crystalline lens with cataracts

The Phoenix MICRON Anterior Segment Slit Lamp System

Developed specifically for mice and rats, this full-featured opthalmic slit lamp delivers resolutions of four microns while offering both bright-field and fluorescent imaging.

Dual back-fill lamps and filters provide additional flexibility for fluorescent imaging, including documenting corneal and crystalline lens findings.

animal stand
Easy-to-use animal stand
Phoenix MICRON slit lamp attachment

Anterior Segment Slit Lamp

Attaches to Phoenix MICRON microscope

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Anterior Segment Slit Lamp attached to Phoenix MICRON IV