Phoenix CONNECT™

The leading Telemedicine Platform for remote ROP screening

Read, Anytime, Anywhere – From Any Wide-Angle Retinal Imaging Camera

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The Phoenix CONNECT™ System

Effective ROP screening faces a core problem: babies and the doctors that treat them are often not in the same location, and examination by indirect ophthalmoscope is inefficient and lacks photo documentation.

Phoenix CONNECT™ bridges these issues with a better way: By connecting the nursing, ophthalmology, and neonatology teams through a telemedicine platform that facilitates timely expert screening of babies in any NICU, enabling delivery of the best care

The platform implements a proven ROP screening workflow that generates critical photo documentation to enhance treatment determination and reduce risk.  All hosted in a HIPAA compliant cloud, with role-based security, designed for use in clinical applications.

Phoenix CONNECT™

  • Allows for the easy creation of patient and imaging study records
  • Supports the easy upload of wide-angle retinal images from any retinal imaging camera, including the Phoenix ICON™
  • Still have a legacy camera like the Natus RetCam™? No worries. We support that too.
  • Enforces the capture of at least 5 imaging fields for each eye, helping ensure full photographic coverage.
Connect works with any camera
Review images anywhere


  • Provides image review tools, including a patented tool to mark Zone 1, to help reduce subjectivity
  • Offers the ability to compare images between imaging studies, aiding the ability to see disease progression / regression
  • Presents an ROP-specific review workflow to assist the reading physician in recording the outcome of the image review


Automatically generates a report that is sent back to the NICU for use by the neonatologist, and at the care team’s discretion, with the patient’s family

Send a report to the hospital