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Phoenix CONNECT™

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Remote ROP Screening Anytime, Anywhere – From Any Wide-Angle Retinal Imaging Camera

With its acquisition of FocusROP, Phoenix Technology Group seeks to make remote screening of ROP easier and faster for ophthalmologists everywhere.
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The Phoenix CONNECT™ system implements a proven, flexible telemedicine workflow that securely delivers digital retinal images to physicians anywhere in the world, facilitating review and screening. The results are digital photo documentation, a reduction in subjectivity and an accelerated review of ROP screenings without requiring a bedside exam.

The Phoenix CONNECT™ system:

  • Is already in use at 10 leading hospitals.
  • Can accept images from any wide-field retinal imaging camera, including the RetCam™ from Natus and the Phoenix ICON™ camera.
  • Allows for statewide, national and international expert consultations on some or all cases.

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