Phoenix ICON™

Phoenix ICON™ system image (left) versus legacy system image (right) of the same patient.

Image Quality

What you see matters, we make sure you can see the difference

Which image is better?

If you're making a decision about wide-angle retinal imaging systems, it matters. The Phoenix ICON™ camera offers high-contrast, high-resolution images, even on dark retinas.

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The Phoenix ICON™ has United States Market Clearance and a CE mark:

  • The Phoenix ICON wide-angle imaging platform has been cleared for market in the US for general ophthalmic imaging of the retinal, corneal, and external structures of the eye. Unlike the legacy systems, the ICON camera can image patients of all ages.
  • The Phoenix ICON carries a CE mark. Ask your legacy vendor if their CE Mark has expired and whether they plan to renew it.
  • Capital purchases are expected to have a 7 to 10+ year lifetime. Why purchase a product when it is at the end of its lifecycle?

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Icon image vs legacy image

The Phoenix ICON™ hand-held camera offers a fully-illuminated 100° field-of-view:

  • N.A. (Bert) Massie, Ph.D., our Chief Technology Officer, invented both the Phoenix ICON camera and the RetCam (legacy system). When he developed the Phoenix ICON camera, he designed it with a fully-illuminated 100° field-of-view, with the magnification of the RetCam 30° lens. This is accomplished through Phoenix Direct Illumination™ which is a patented technique that injects light into the eye in a ring (annular illumination). Our approach leaves the center of the light path open for return light, resulting in high-resolution, high-contrast images, even on darkly pigmented retinas. The legacy cameras, by contrast, use indirect illumination which results in hazy images on dark retina, and often produces a haze at the periphery of the images
  • Why settle for a less readable image?

Phoenix ICON™ system has a handpiece that is 30% smaller and lighter:

  • The newest Phoenix ICON camera handpiece is small, light and well balanced in the camera operator's hands. The lens fits easily over the cornea, with a 5.5mm illumination ring, allowing it to work well in dilation diameters of 5.6mm and larger.
  • There is no heavy fiber optic cable needed to drag the handpiece down. The image resolution enables zooming into image details therefore no stopping to change lenses , or added costs to purchase expensive multiple magnifications.
  • Why pay for equipment you don’t need?
Morning Glory FA Image

The Phoenix ICON™ system was designed for Fluorescein Angiography:

  • The Phoenix ICON camera was invented by the same person who designed the RetCam (legacy system). For the Phoenix ICON camera, Dr. Massie, Ph.D. completely reinvented the optical system to capture high-contrast, high-resolution images. For fluorescein angiograms this additional contrast highlights vascular profusion in superior detail.
  • What’s more, the camera operator is able to pre-focus prior to fluorescein injection, and then flip the barrier filter in place without moving the camera off the cornea. No additional person is required to move a fiber optic into a legacy designed exciter light box. The results in a consistent capture of the time sensitive transit phase.
  • Why use an outdated design?

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Phoenix ICON™ system offers impressive image quality and easy techniques:

  • The Phoenix ICON camera has been installed at hundreds of sites who use the system weekly to screen patients. Our customers are impressed with the ICON image quality as compared to legacy designs and find the imaging technique easy to learn.
  • We take training seriously, and support you with world-class ophthalmic photographers, including Libba Affel, OCT-C, CDOS, ROUB, COA, FOPS,  Leslie MacKeen, COA,  and Denise Armiger, CRA, OCT-C. We support our customers and our products.
  • Why go without knowledgable trainers and superior images?
ICON image vs legacy image
PTG Black

Phoenix Technology Group:
A 10 year old company

  • Phoenix Technology Group is a well capitalized company, with profitable product lines. We have been in business over 10 years. Our products are deployed across the US at leading hospitals and universities, as well as at leading institutions in more than 50 countries around the world. We have doubled in size in the last two years and continue to grow. We invest regularly to bring you new, break-through solutions.
  • Why not pick a partner that is growing and investing in the products that matter to you?